is manufatured from selected and certified
material in accordance with offiaial regulation.


Solid wood slat are made from certified plantation
teak, which is the most durable and long-lasting material
in all climates. It has beed used for centuries on boats and
ships because it does not crack, twist or deform in any way, even
under extreme conditions. Slats are fixed by galvnized wood screws.


The base frame is made of specrial PE suitable for temperatures between
-25 C and +40 C.
Yet it is flexible to follow uneven ground and can easily be to cut smaller sizes
to fit walls and corners. The bottom allows moisture and water to escape easily,
so that no fungus can develop.


O.K. WOOD FLOOR DECK is perfect for terraces, around swimming pools,
playground, bathrooms and wet kitchen. It comes in various configurations,
which all can be combined.

  Real teakwood develops naturaly a patina to protect itself, which turns the
suface into gray. To preserve the original color of the wood, you can treat
the surface with our “preservants”.

Beautiful teak decking, interior flooring & fitting for boat & yachts.

Our company fabricates and sells ready to install teak decking, flooring and
fittings product for yachts manufacturers and professional installers.

Our prefabricated products, like Standard Teak Deck Panels and Custom Teak
Deck Panels save installation time and money for boat and yacht owners.